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Colombien Lifting it is a patented technology with proven efficacy. It is able to recover the shape of the body (contours), smoothen and strengthen the skin, lift glutes and reduce localized fat. 


The gluteus area is one of the most problematic areas for women, as this is where cellulite and excess fat is accumulated. Due to age and time, the buttocks area loses its firmness and its shape and changes. This change occurs because of sedentary lifestyle, and lack of exercise. 

Colombien Lift is a procedure that takes all of the cellulite and fat that is in the upper thigh and buttocks area while placing it to the center of your buttocks giving you the desired lift without the need of surgery.   Just one 45 minute session is equivalent to 2,700 squats a day, allowing clients to have buttocks with more tone. An assesment of the client is necessary in order to see results; this treatment can be applied to most body types.

This technique increases blood flow, lifts cellulite from the muscle, and mobilizes fat to the area that is needed while giving you a more full look.

Results will vary based on overall BMI.

How Many Treatments Needed?  

Sessions have immediate results,and, in many cases, a real difference may be seen in as few as 1-3 sessions.

The results initially last around 7-10 days, the more sessions you have the longer the results last.

Results vary from person to person but with repeated use you could build up to 2 years between top up sessions! See it as training for your buttocks. Just like when you exercise a muscle, once is not enough for it to stay toned, it needs repetition to gain strength at each use.

Each treatment session takes around 15-30 minutes

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