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The Power Of HIFU Lifting and Tightening Without Surgery

Periorbital Rejuvenation Brow Lift

The eye is the aesthetic center of the face. Many women and men spend a lot of time and resources on ways to rejuvenate this delicate area. Not only is the eyelid skin the thinnest on the body, but it tends to show signs of aging early because of constant muscle contraction beneath, exposure to UV light, and a paucity of elastin and collagen compared to other skin areas of the body.

Facial beauty, specifically of the periorbital area, is an important component of physical attractiveness and reflects chronological aging. These properties have made rejuvenation of the periorbital area highly desirable. Common concerns related to this area seen in dermatologic practice are periorbital hypermelanosis or dark circles, tear trough deformity, superficial and deep rhytides and infraorbital hypertrophic orbicularis oculi. In the past, options for periorbital rejuvenation were limited and results modest. Over the last few decades, advances in cosmeceuticals and non-invasive procedures have increased the therapeutic options in this area.

As we can see we have achieved amazing results using High Intensity Focus Ultrasound, the after photo was taken 7 weeks post the first HIFU Treatment.

We are still looking for more models for this treatments this includes:

The lifting of skin below & above the brow,

Tightening of excess skin and further fat melting in the area.

Rejuvenation & Wrinkle reduction under eye area.

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